Larendrammagar, more commonly known as Nexus, was a great wyrm gold dragon that had a role in the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


Larendrammagar was one of the oldest gold dragons and reputed to be the most talented spellcaster among the metallic dragons. However, he slept for centuries in the gold's hideout in Galena Mountains.[1]

In 1373 DR, when the gold dragon King Lareth and his lieutenant Tamarand challenged each other over whether to help humanoid races against the Rage, Nexus was awoken to be one of the witnesses of the duel, the other being the captain of the Talons of Justice, Havarlan.[1]

After the duel, Nexus agreed to help Dorn Graybrook and his companions in researching the Dracorage mythal. Using lore from the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, the great wyrm managed to reconstruct the elven high magic rite used to curse dragonkind and devise a counterspell that would wipe the enchantment away, but only if cast in the right place.[1]

After the defeat of Sammaster, who had used an ancient elf citadel as his headquarters, Nexus cast the spell that stopped the Rage.[2]




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