His Resplendence, Lareth, the King of Justice, was once the ruler of gold dragons[3] He was killed in 1373 DR.[2]


In 1373 DR, Lareth was slain in battle by the gold dragon, Tamarand. Tamarand, Lareth's deputy and close friend, challenged Lareth for leadership of all goodly dragons after Lareth's reasoning and judgment had been corrupted. Lareth, teetering on the edge of madness as a result of the Rage that was plaguing all dragon-kind at the time, eagerly accepted, intent on destroying this obviously power-hungry, traitorous "friend", who must surely covet the position of King of Justice. At first, Tamarand tried to subdue Lareth, using only spells to disable not destroy, but finally Tamarand was forced to deliver a fatal blow. As required by the protocols of the Ptarian Code, the gold dragon Larendrammagar ("Nexus") and the silver dragon Havarlan bore witness to the battle.[2]


After Lareth's death, magical daggers were made from his fangs. Called a Dragontooth of Lareth, these daggers are given to elite members of the Talons of Justice, and were supposed to contain a part of the wisdom of the former King of Justice.[4]


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