Larethar Gulgrin was a gold dwarf rogue from Luskan who became embroiled in stopping the balor Belaphoss from ascending to the position of demon lord in the 1490s DR.[1]


Larethar was a rude, wise-cracking rogue, whose talents lay chiefly in consuming alchohol, stealing, and simple thuggery. However, when traveling with Illydia Maethellyn, his moon elf friend and ally, Larethar's life took on an entirely different meaning. With Illydia, Larethar could be a champion of good, and he felt deeply honored to be allowed to travel alongside her.[2]


His closest friend was Illydia Maethellyn.[2]


Larethar was born in the city of Westgate on the Dragon Coast. His family was originally from the East Rift, but his father moved them to Westgate prior to Larethar's birth, seeking to make his fortune by smuggling goods and bribing officials for shipping contracts. Although he was initially successful and grew rich very rapidly, Larethar's father was eventually murdered by rivals. Larethar's mother, who disapproved of her husband's criminal activites, had anticipated the murder. Hoping for a fresh start, she brought Larethar and his siblings on a caravan to Luskan.[1]



His tattoo says "From Rock" in Dethek.



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