Larid Herokimal was a human paladin, a war hero, and the baron of the city of Kelazzan in Ulgarth around 1367 DR and 1373 DR.[2][1]


Herokimal was a devoutly religious paladin.[1][note 1] However, he did not try to push his beliefs onto his subjects, insisting only that they obey his laws whilst within his barony. He considered his laws fair and just, and he had no tolerance of crime, instead dedicating a great amount of resources to fighting crime in all its forms.[1] He was thus seen as a firm but just ruler.[2]

On the other hand, he also felt everyone should enjoy the fruits of their own efforts as far as possible, and that no one should be exploited or restricted in taking advantage of the opportunities available. His policies kept life in Kelazzan quite pleasant and prosperous.[1]


Herokimal had a manor in Kelazzan.[2]



  1. It is not said what god Herokimal follows, but The Shining South (1993) establishes that Torm is widely worshiped in Ulgarth, especially by the kingdom's knights, which suits Herokimal's alignment, personality, and paladin class very well. However, the wording in Shining South (2004) suggests he follows a different faith to his people. Tyr is a strong possibility.


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