Lasaonar was a drow swordmaster living in Ust Natha.


He was known to participate in duels in the local tavern's fighting pit.


In 1367 DR, Gorion's Ward, when disguised as a drow, had the chance to watch Lasaonar fight four people at once in the tavern. After this, Gorion's Ward and their party could engage Lasaonar in a duel themselves, getting challenged by belittling his performance. If they won, his patron—a priestess—would challenge them next. This would then lead to mage duels.


Lasaonar wore drow-made +5 adamantine full plate armor and carried two enchanted swords that were similarly made of adamantine. Whereas one of these was an ordinary drow-made +3 longsword, as carried by several other drow, the other was actually the Blade of Searing, a +3 bastard sword that struck with fire and was made of a special alloy that would endure the sunlight once taken back to the surface, unlike other drow-made items. He would gave this sword to Gorion's Ward if defeated by them.[1]


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