Lashrael was a solar in the service of Corellon living in Arvandor. His might was so great that some elves, considered him a demipower in his own right.[1]

Description Edit

Both Lashrael and his twin, Felarathael, manifested themselves as tall, androgynous elves clad in gleaming white robes and emitting brilliant light.[1]

Personality Edit

Lashrael was a being of extreme emotion. Though mainly tasked with delivering messages to mortal elves, depending on the message he was carrying, he was known to deliver them while expressing either great joy or sorrow.[1]

Lashrael's great passions followed him into battle, as he in great fury would never ask for nor give quarter to an opponent.[1]


In 1379 DR, Lashrael and his fellow Felarathael went to the Fugue Plane under the orders of Corellon Larethian to retrieve the Darksong Knight Cavatina Xarann. They explained to her that from that point all the followers of Eilistraee had been transformed into dark elves and allowed back into Arvandor, where she was then led by the solars.[2]

Skills & Abilities Edit

Whenever Lashrael engaged someone in battle, he could choose to affect a struck target in several different ways.[1]

  • Lashrael could polymorph his opponent into a woodland animal.
  • The victim could be made to randomly teleport several miles away.
  • He could cause his target to suffer from amnesia.





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