Latherl's Lantern is a small fishing village on the Sword Coast at the mouth of the Winding Water. It is close to the Warlock's Crypt[1].


Roughly 300 years ago, a pirate named Lathtarl crash ashore here fleeing the navy of Evermeet. With his ship destroyed, crew much reduced and himself crippled, he improvised a plan to crash other unsuspecting vessels against the rocky shore. Word quickly spread among other pirates and slavers that this was a safe harbor. The pirates no longer crash ships there after threats from merchants and the Lords of Waterdeep.

The marsh at the mouth of the Winding Water also has rumors of two dead kings who perished there. A rebel lord from Tethyr named Ring Tredarath and a Beverdaur of Cortryn.

Notable BuildingsEdit


Taverns and InnsEdit


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Ed Greenwood (1994). Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast. (TSR, Inc), pp. 49–51. ISBN 1-5607-6940-1.

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