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Lauzoril is the Zulkir of Enchantment and one of the eight leaders of the Red Wizards of Thay.

Personality Edit

Laurozil is a relatively young man for his level and is always very charming to anyone he talks to. Even when he seems to be about to order one's immediate execution, he is charming. People he has ordered slain in their presence have gone to the executioner smiling.

History Edit

Lauzoril is not known outside of Thay as a Zulkir, however his position as a leader of the Imperialist party has garnered the attention of the Harpers and in turn attracted Laurzoril to them. Lauzoril has no liking for the meddling Harpers and spends much of his time scheming to destroy them.

One of his schemes led him to to create a magical scimitar called Shazzellim and sending a guardsman to kill Dove Falconhand of the Harpers. That plan went amiss. Shazzelim has since landed in the hands of the Zhentil Keep and may yet fulfill its purpose.

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