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Lavok Corthala was a powerful human wizard living in Athkatla, Amn, in the 1360s DR.[1]


Lavok was a mighty wizard, with an interest in necromancy. He was known for his creation of the Planar Sphere artifact. After some time, Lavok decided to travel across the planes for a time. He was already 200 years old when he left Amn in his sphere.

Lavok came back to Amn 100 years later. His plan was to use the body of his descendent, Valygar Corthala, as host for his mind, granting him an extended life but in the end he was defeated by Gorion's Ward and his own descendant. When defeated, he seemed to bitterly regret his actions, stating that a dark shadow was controlling him, and that he had to fight it, in order to protect the secret of the Sphere.[1]




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