Leahon Woumar was a man of the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. He was a miller and proprietor of Woumar's Wheloon Mill.[2][1]


Leahon took over the mill once operated by his father, prior to 1358 DR.

Leahon made several improvement's to his father mill, such as including separate runs for simultaneous milling and pulping of different products.

He still operated the mill in 1369 DR.


Leahon Woumar was a cheerful, good-humored and friendly sort, who chatted with everyone who came by. He was full of gossip, local opinions and rumors, but he never revealed who said what to him. For many Whelunians, he was a trusted confidant. Even the local Purple Dragons went to Leahon for information, to learn what folk really thought of royal decrees and the judgments of Lord Sarp Redbeard.[2]


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