The leaping fish was a magical chalice that was one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, a collection of magical vessels created by the Han people of Koryo in ancient times.


It was carved in the shape of a fish with its open mouth serving as the cup.


When a bearer filled the vessel with fine oil and lit it like an oil lamp, it glowed pale blue. They could make one wish that would be granted, as if cast by a great wu jen.


As one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, the leaping fish's powers had most likely at one stage influenced the history of Koryo.

The shukenja Pitalla used a wish from the leaping fish to cure the settlement of Mo'ki of the ivory plague. He was believed to have then taken it to the island of Su'un and left it there.

It remained lost by the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]



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