The Legion of the Chimera was an evil organization which operated in the Severed Hand, an elven citadel within the Spine of the World.[1]



The Legion was started by half-demon twins Isair and Madae. They started the legion to make a safe haven for abominations and to work out a treaty with the Ten Towns to stop any violence between the two groups.[citation needed]


On an emmisary mission, representatives from Targos, Bryn Shander, and all the other Ten Towns traveled to the Severed Hand, an ancient elven fortress on the edges of the Fields of Slaughter, the headquarters of the Legion. The mayor of Bryn Shander sent his representaive with finely crafted cakes and pastries, secretly baked with holy water. The representative offers the treats to Isair and Madae, twin brother and sister half-demons, who unknowingly eat the cakes. Of course, the water badly burns the naturally evil creatures throats, and the twins declare war upon the towns. The representative is imprisoned, despite having no idea that the cakes were baked in such a way.[citation needed]

Ten Towns fights backEdit

Isair and Madae are furious. They send their hordes of goblins to attack Targos, a major walled town in the region. Targos desperatly sends word to Luskan, promising fortunes and fame. Many mercenaries respond, but many ships are lost.[citation needed]

The Legion fallsEdit

In the year 1312, a band of mercenaries from Luskan travel to the besieged town of Targos in search of coin and glory.[citation needed] The band, with the help of the Targos guard, fight back the first initial attack. Eventually, after a trail of events including desecrating a goblin base, killing the half-dragon Sherincal, getting attacked by skeletons in the Lost Wood, saving Kuldahar from a Yuan-ti invasion, teleporting to Chult and desecrating a Yuan-ti temple, killing an ancient black dragon portal guard, and much more, the band finds itself at the Severed Hand and they fight off many guards, help out many slaves, and temporarily murder Bane's son, Iyachtu Xvim. The group finally enters an epic battle with the superpowers Isair and Madae. After a long and gruesome battle, Corellon Larethian's holy water purges the evil that had creeped into the ancient fortress and slowly the fortress crumbles, slipping into Limbo permanently trapping both twins in the dimension. The band luckily survive, and the Legion is no more.[citation needed]


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