Lelavdra Tanthul was one of the Princes of Shade.[1]


In 1487 DR, Lelavdra and her sister Manarlume Tanthul were summoned by the High Prince Telamont Tanthul, who ordered them to gather in a kind of club all the young ambitious arcanists, and seduce the most suspicious in order to uncover all plots against Telamont. The Most High hinted that he knew about the ambitions of both Manarlume and Lelavdra and that new princesses could be easily sired.

After Larloch shattered the minds of most of the shadovar arcanists, Gwelt went to Manarlume and Lelavdra, saying that he loved them both. They started discussing how to survive the fighting. Later, among the ruins of the collapsed Thultanthar, the three laughed about the stupidity of the High Prince.[1]


Lelavdra was a daughter of Dethud Tanthul like her sister Manarlume.[1]



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