Leldon was a male human of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


Leldon was one of the thieves in Neverwinter. Once, he was allied with Neeshka and both stole a lot of money. Leldon thought he was the mastermind and took a lot of items from Neeshka. However, Neeshka stole a lot of gold back, which she used for a lot of services.[1]


When the Kalach-Cha and Neeshka encountered Leldon's thugs, they needed to ask Ophala Cheldarstorn for the location of Leldon's hideout. If they did, they could have gotten into the hideout and battled many bandits. Once they found the vault, Leldon would confront them and if hurt enough, he would disappear in a puff of smoke.[1]

Later, a messenger came to Neeshka and the Kalach-Cha, informing them that Leldon was after the Collector, who had many riches in his vault. If they opened the vault door with a key from the fireplace, a key from the Collector, and a code for the vault (which was 513), the door would've opened, but Leldon came along as well. If Leldon was defeated, then he let Neeskha know he would expect her in the hells before he died.[1]



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