Imam Lelia, also known as the Voice of the Beautiful Moon,[2] was the High Priest of the Mosque of Beauteous Selan in Huzuz, the City of Delights, in 1367 DR.[note 1][1]


As of 1367 Lelia's blue eyes sparkled with the vigor of youth. Her long, curly hair nearly touched the floor.[2]


Lelia's melodious voice was said to charm stars down from the sky.[2]


Imam Lelia oversaw over 200 priests of Selan, clerical brethren, and laymen.[1]

Leila orchestrated a unique project where she attempted to create a grand work of art for the Grand Caliph for his Ascension Day celebration. Included in the project were her associates from the mosque, sha'irs, and other hired mages. Her goal was to create a crystal rose bush that would yield real roses, fruit, or valuable gems whenever the Grand Caliph wished. The enchantments involved were difficult, and some of the items needed were exceedingly rare, including a large emerald from Shou Lung, so Lelia hired others to perform much of the required footwork.[1]

In order to prevent panic when she viewed a dire portent in the stars, Lelia often privately hired adventurers to deal with whatever malign situation presented itself in her visions.[2]


Imam Lelia owned a ring of shooting stars, a rod of splendor, an aba of protection, and some eyes of the eagle in addition to numerous magical scrolls.[2]



  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.


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