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Lendys was a dragon god and the judge of draconic life in the present instead of after death.[1]


Lendys was described as having tarnished silver scales, and some said that he cared more about judging others than himself. He was a dragon with an altruistic streak.[1]


Being the arbiter of dragonkind, Lendys served as judge, jury, and executioner. When a dragon had committed an injustice against all dragons, Lendys or one of his great wyrms went to dispatch appropriate justice. Punishments could be very severe and no one had heard of anyone appealing to his mercy.[1]


Lendys's clergy served as judges among dragonkind. However, a few secular judges and barristers revered him. Dragonborn paladins found him an easy god to follow. In some cases, towns even asked a cleric of Lendys to parcel out justice.[1]


Lendys often sent his few worshipers to mete out justice to a dragon who had harmed dragonkind.[1]


There were few temples to the dragon god of Justice. Most dragons often had small shrines to him in their lairs. Other races had a small shrine set up in a courtroom or courthouse.[1]


Any trial for justice counted as a rite to Lendys. The duty of finding the truth in a trial was taken seriously by his clergy. Although the god often focused his judgement exclusively on dragons, other races who worshiped him usually generalized any act of justice as an honor.[1]


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