Lesser shadow tentacle is an abjuration spell that transmutes a nearby shadow into a ropelike tentacle.


You can animate any nearby shadow into a ropelike tentacle. The target shadow transforms into a thick, ropy tentacle. One end of the shadow tentacle remains rooted to the location where it fell on the floor, wall, ceiling, et cetera, while the opposite end can attack and curl about a target. The animated shadow tentacle extends 5 feet per level of the caster (up to 50 feet) from its anchoring point.

The caster directs the shadow tendril, indicating a target for it to attack. The tentacle makes a melee touch attack using the caster's attack bonus. The tentacle does not inflict damage, but can be used to entangle an opponent. A successful melee touch attack means that the tentacle has entangled its victim. The shadow tentacle is anchored, so it can hold its victim motionless if the caster desires; otherwise, the entangled victim can move at half speed up to the length of the animated tentacle. The shadow tentacle can be damaged with weapons and spells, and can also be burst with brute strength. A character can also free himself from the tentacle with his Escape Artist skills.

Changing targets is a standard action. When the caster changes targets, the tentacle releases its current victim and immediately attacks the new target. The tentacle is not affected by bright light, sunlight, or light spells.