Lestra Urmbrusk was the master of House Urmbrusk in Waterdeep in 1479 DR.[1]


In 1476 DR, Quarren Urmbrusk, the lord of the House, abandoned his duty in order to go adventuring. He granted control of the House to his sister Lestra, also granting her the custody of his son, Rutherford Urmbrusk. Quarren then gathered an adventuring party and went into Undermountain. However, Lestra bribed Quarren's companions in order to make sure that he never came back from the dungeon. In fact, nobody in that group came back.

However, in 1479 DR, a voice sounding like Quarren's started whispering into Rutherford's ears. Rutherford went to Undermountain on a rescue mission and disappeared. Lestra started worrying that Quarren was alive and knew of her betrayal. So she hired an adventuring party to go in search of her nephew.[1]


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