Lhuvenhead was a village in the Rauvin Vale within Luruar.[2]


Lhuvenhead was located along the River Rauvin, forty miles upriver from Everlund along the trail between Everlund and Sundabar.[1] The village was near the communities of Rauvincross, High Hold, and Rivermoot.[3]


As a lucrative river town with decrepit docks, Lhuvenhead was crowded with barges and keelboats all year long. A number of inns, taphouses, and festhalls catered to the riverfolk who worked on the Rauvin.[1]


On Flamerule 1, 1485 DR, Lhuvenhead was destroyed by the orc forces of Many-Arrows led by Hartusk as they approached Everlund. The village had already been abandoned so there were no casualties, but all the docks and buildings were burned or torn down, with the debris sent floating down the river.[2]


The village served as a summer retreat for the nobility of Sundabar.[2]





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