The Liberators of the Steel Sky were a group of young dragonborn rebels who defied the dragonborn social norms and tried to breach the barriers between Abeir and Toril in 1486 DR.[1]


Members of the Liberators believed that Abeir was the rightful place were dragonborn should be, a place were they would be masters of their own destiny, instead of unwelcome guests of the inhabitants of Toril. They also wanted to be reunited with their "lost" brethren of Tymanchebar.[1]


All members of the Liberators were rebellious young of many Thymari clans, including members of Clan Kepeshkmolik, Clan Shestandeliath and Clan Verthisathurgiesh.[1]


On Nightal 15 of 1486 DR, members of the Liberators accomplished the impossible and opened a portal to Abeir—thanks to the weakening of the dimensional barrier as part of the Second Sundering—in the Catacombs of Djerad Thymar, believing they would save the dragonborn inhabitants of that world.[1] However, one of the maurezhi granted to Gilgeam, whose mission was to infiltrate and debilitate the Shyran defenses,[2] was accidentally sent to Toril through the portal, and killed nearly all members of the Liberators, before he went on to carry out his mission on Djerad Thymar instead.[1]

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