The Library of All Knowledge was the joint divine realm of the Faerûnian deities Deneir and Milil within the Great Wheel cosmology. It was located in Brux, the twilit second layer of the Beastlands.[3][5][6]


Aside from the petitioners striving for union with their respective deity, several proxies inhabited the Library. Foremost among these was the human Thomas Bookbinder (at least as far as Deneir was concerned).[4][7]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Servants of the resident powers were able to quickly reach their common superior, Oghma, in his House of Knowledge on the Outlands, if the need arose. Thus it was assumed that there was a portal close by to connect the two places.[4]


From the perspective of the World Tree cosmology, which became dominant after the Year of Wild Magic, Deneir and Milil were seen as residing together with Oghma and Gond in the celestial plane called the House of Knowledge.[8] The various buildings within that plane, however, were still collectively known as the Library of All Knowledge. They supposedly held all lore, songs, spells and even magic items of the universe.[2]


Further ReadingEdit

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