A lichling was a creature spawned from a demilich.


It resembled a cockroach with a pair of insect-like wings, two pairs of human-like arms, a pair of human-like legs, and a human skull for a head, containing razor-sharp fangs. Its body was chitinous and greasy. It began as a 6″ (15 cm)-long creature, but could grow up to 80' (24 m) when mature.


A demilich could magically transform itself into a husk that acted as an incubator for lichlings, which grew from the brain cells of the former demilich. The incubation period was between ten and forty years, after which time the lichlings sprang forth and the demilich returned to normal. The lichlings had a close loyalty to their creator. If this demilich was destroyed, they might be taken into the service of another powerful entity like a wizard.

Lichlings travelled in hordes of up to 100, never making a permanent home. They fed on the fear and trauma of their victims, somehow converting this into physical nourishment, and did not require food. Although this nourishment could be gained by directly attacking victims, lichlings could also assimilate this fear and trauma by proximity to events such as large battles.

A lichling could take between a hundred and a thousand years to fully mature. In this time, it grew from a 6"-long (15 cm) creature to up to 80' (24 m) long. A mature lichling could spew sharp fragments of bone up to 100' (30 m).


A lichling would attack the nearest creature, usually going for exposed flesh such as the neck. Once it sank its teeth into flesh, it would not normally let go, even after it had been killed. The fangs produced an anti-coagulant that could continue to affect the victim after the lichling's death. If it was not removed carefully, further flesh could be ripped away with the lichling, causing yet more damage.

A lichling could not be harmed with normal weapons and was immune to many things like charm and sleep.