Berronar Truesilver, Chauntea and Silvanus were the deities most attuned to the life domain. To the revered mother of dwarfs, kinship was the most essential part of life, and a new life was an extension of the family. The Forest Father and The Great Mother both strongly encouraged the birthing of new life, though Silvanus cared foremost about life in the wilderness and was known to unleash his wrath if someone attempted to harm the lush beauty of nature, while Chauntea had respect and love for all living things.[1]

Deities with the life domainEdit

Power of lifeEdit

Any divine caster who worshiped a god of the life domain could use it to channel the power of the deity. If a divine spellcaster chose this domain, he or she became more skilled at healing. When they used a power of the domain that struck an enemy, an ally near the caster gained temporary health. As the caster increased in power, so did the temporary health granted by this domain. The powers of the domain are:

Pulse of lifeEdit

To use the power of the life domain one must be able to channel the divinity of their deity. With this ability, the spellcaster gained the pulse of life. If a creature near the caster was about to die, the worshiper could may grant its energies to the dying creature so that it might stay the hand of death.[2]

Post-Second SunderingEdit

After the Second Sundering, clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to these spells (they could cast them at any time without having to prepare them in advance).[3]

1st level 
bless, cure wounds
3rd level 
lesser restoration, spiritual weapon
5th level 
beacon of hope, revivify
7th level 
death ward, guardian of faith
9th level 
mass cure wounds, raise dead


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