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Light was a very common spell learned by most spellcasters. Depending on how the caster was trained, light was either a cantrip[3][4] or a first-level spell.[5][6][10] In some spellcasting traditions this spell was reversible[note 2] and called darkness when reversed.[11][12][13]


The area illuminated by all versions of this spell was roughly 20[4][5][6][10] to 25 ft[3] (6.1 to 7.6 m) in radius. The range and duration of this spell varied with the spellcasting tradition. Post-Spellplague, it could be cast at-will, creating a bright light on a nearby object or in a nearby unoccupied space, and lasted until dispelled or a new light was cast elsewhere.[3] Pre-Spellplague, the cantrip version required the caster to touch an object to make it glow like a torch, and the spell lasted for ten minutes to a few hours depending on the caster's prowess.[4] For those that learned light as a first-level spell, it could be thrown 120 yards (110 m) away and last one hour to many hours.[5][6][10]

The ranged version of this spell that could target an object allowed the caster a chance to blind a creature by successfully casting the spell centered on its visual organs.[5][6][10]

The reverse of this spell, darkness, caused total and impenetrable darkness in the area of effect, but the duration was only half that of light.[11][12][13]

Light spells could be used to counter or dispel darkness of equal or lesser power, and vice versa.[4][5][6][10]

Sinhala stones were also known to prevent magical darkness.[14] Hambergyle gems could be used to turn a light spell into continual light.[15]


The pre-Spellplague cantrip required a spoken command and a material component. For divine spell casters, their holy symbol or divine focus was sufficient. For everybody else, light required either a firefly or a bit of phosphorescent moss.[4] The first-level spell required only verbal and somatic components.[5][6][10] The at-will version could be cast with a wave of the hand.[3]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Brightfinger in -1652 DR and was originally called Brightfinger's light.[1]


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  1. The Player's Handbook 4th edition calls this class feature a cantrip, but wizards gain it at first level.
  2. Only the divine version of this spell was reversible. Wizards and Illusionists had a slightly different spell called Darkness, 15' radius.


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