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This is a complete list of 3.x edition Forgotten Realms products that have been released.

  • Note – A suggested shorthand for placing references in a limited amount of space, for example (FRCS p.45) might fit much better someplace than (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p.45).
  • Type – SB = Sourcebook, Adv = Adventure, SA = "Super Adventure", Ref = Reference/Background
  • SKU – TSR/Wizards internal product code
Note Title Ed.
ISBN SKU Author(s)
ItDL Into the Dragon's Lair 3.0 Adv 2000-10 0-7869-1634-6 TSR11634 Sean K. Reynolds and Steve Miller
MC:MoF Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn 3.0 SB 2001-02 0-7869-1832-2 WTC11832 James Wyatt and Rob Heinsoo
FRCS Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3.0 SB 2001-06 0-7869-1836-5 WTC11836 Ed Greenwood, Sean K. Reynolds, Skip Williams, and Rob Heinsoo
MoF Magic of Faerûn 3.0 SB 2001-08 0-7869-1964-7 WTC11964 Sean K. Reynolds, Duane Maxwell, Angel McCoy
LoD Lords of Darkness 3.0 SB 2001-11 0-7869-1989-2 WTC11989 Sean K. Reynolds and James Wyatt
FRDMS Forgotten Realms Dungeon Master’s Screen 3.0 SB 2002-02 0-7869-2783-6 886860000 Skip Williams and Duane Maxwell
F&P Faiths and Pantheons 3.0 SB 2002-05 0-7869-2759-3 886430000 Eric L. Boyd and Erik Mona
SM Silver Marches 3.0 SB 2002-07 0-7869-2835-2 885670000 Ed Greenwood and Jason Carl
CoSQ City of the Spider Queen 3.0 Adv 2002-09 0-7869-2874-3 885740000 James Wyatt
City of the Spider Queen Miniatures Box Adv 2002-09 0-7869-0473-9 884330000
RoF Races of Faerûn 3.0 SB 2003-03 0-7869-2875-1 885780000 Sean K Reynolds, Matt Forbeck, James Jacobs, Eric L. Boyd
UE Unapproachable East 3.0 SB 2003-05 0-7869-2881-6 176650000 Richard Baker, Matt Forbeck, Sean K. Reynolds
GW Ghostwalk 3.0 SB 2003-06 0-7869-2834-4 885660000 Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds
Ud Underdark 3.5 SB 2003-10 0-7869-3053-5 885810000 Bruce R. Cordell, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Jeff Quick
PGF Player's Guide to Faerûn 3.5 SB 2004-03 0-7869-3134-5 886470000 Richard Baker, James Wyatt
SK Serpent Kingdoms 3.5 SB 2004-07 0-7869-3277-5 965660000 Ed Greenwood, Eric L. Boyd, Darrin Drader
SS Shining South 3.5 SB 2004-10 0-7869-3492-1 179290000 Thomas M. Reid
LEoF Lost Empires of Faerûn 3.5 SB 2005-02 0-7869-3654-1 177380000 Travis Stout
CoR Champions of Ruin 3.5 SB 2005-05 0-7869-3692-4 178720000 Jeff Crook, Wil Upchurch, Eric L. Boyd
CoS:W City of Splendors: Waterdeep 3.5 SB 2005-07 0-7869-3693-2 881620000 Eric L. Boyd
SoG Sons of Gruumsh 3.5 Adv 2005-09 0-7869-3698-3 884467400 Christopher Perkins
CoV Champions of Valor 3.5 SB 2005-11 0-7869-3697-7 882927200 Thomas M. Reid and Sean K. Reynolds
PoF Power of Faerûn 3.5 SB 2006-03 0-7869-3910-9 953667200 Ed Greenwood and Eric L. Boyd
MoM Mysteries of the Moonsea 3.5 SB 2006-06 0-7869-3915-X 953717200 Thomas M. Reid, Sean K. Reynolds
DoF Dragons of Faerûn 3.5 SB 2006-08 0-7869-3923-0 953797200 Eric L. Boyd, Eytan Bernstein, Evan Jamieson
TT The Twilight Tomb 3.5 Adv 2006-09 0-7869-3947-8 953947400 Greg A. Vaughan
C:ToW Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave 3.5 SA1 2007-03 0-7869-4119-7 956857200 Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, David Noonan, Matthew Sernett, and James Wyatt
EtU Expedition to Undermountain 3.5 Adv 2007-06 0-7869-4157-X 957327200 Eric L. Boyd, Ed Greenwood, Christopher Lindsay, and Sean K. Reynolds
S:SoL Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land 3.5 SA2 2007-07 0-7869-4039-5 955697200 Richard Baker, Eric L. Boyd, Thomas M. Reid
GHoR Grand History of the Realms Ref 2007-09 0-7869-4731-4 215437200 Brian R. James, Ed Greenwood
A:EoS Anauroch: The Empire of Shade 3.5 SA3 2007-11 0-7869-4362-9 109297200 Greg A. Vaughan, Thomas M. Reid, Sean K. Reynolds

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