Liticia Gos was a girl in Mulmaster in 1491 DR.


Liticia was a very naive girl. She loved the greatest, newest thing and believed that "newer" was always a synonym for "better".[1] She had a bad relationship with her older brother Garwyl Gos.


Liticia was the daughter of Lord Ninyon Gos and sister of Garwyl Gos and mad Andrik Gos.

She spent most of her time with her two best friends, Stefan Rowick and Rahaiel Kakulska. Liticia also often stayed with other noble scions: Elred Korsinchev and Orym Illustriana.


With her noble friends, she spent time first with the Theorists, and later fell under the control of Thylius Caramitru and the Yellow Breath philosophy. She ran away from home to live in the Yellow Breath Chapter House, where she became Thylius's first disciple. At last, she was found and subdued by an adventuring party hired by her brother.[1]




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