Little Wing was an assassin member of the Cult of the Howling Hatred in the Moonsea.[1]


Little Wing was a merciless servant of the Prince of Evil Aerial Creatures. He delighted in taunting his enemies during combat. In his madness, Little Wing believed that he hosted inside himself the spirit of a great roc so that it may continue its hunt.[1]


Once in Kara-Tur, Little Wing was one of a shogun's deadliest ninja assassins. All changed when a giant roc ate him whole, and then died with him trapped inside its gut. When Little Wing believed he would die, Yan-C-Bin appeared in front of him and offered a warlock's pact. Thus he survived and became the leader of the assassins of the Cult of the Howling Hatred.

In 1491 DR, after many schemes in Mulmaster were ruined, the high leaders of the cult decided to send Little Wing and his assassins to wipe out Aleksi Drejkov's cell. He first killed Niko Sevek. Afterward, he murdered the Cloak Zel Tregarthen, who was close to discovering the cell. The City Watch falsely accused an adventuring party—who at that time were being interrogated by Zel—of committing the crime.[3]

Next, Little Wing sent his men to burn Dreikov's mansion. Aleksi managed to escape in time but was confronted by the adventurers who'd been blamed for the cultists's assassination.[4] At last, the adventurers found and defeated him.[1]




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