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House Nelath (or as some call it, N'lath) is an outcast drow house forced to live on the surface of Faerûn in the heart of the Yuirwood forest.

Overview Edit

"House Nelath" is an adventuring company for those with drow characters hailing from the Aglarond region (SE United States) in the RPGA's Living Forgotten Realms campaign.

Joining Edit

Anyone can have their LFR PC join House Nelath provided they adhere to the following rules:

  1. The player character joining the organization conforms to all current RPGA character creation guidelines.
  2. The player character joining the organization is a Drow Elf or Half Drow elf.
  3. The player character joining the organization is from the Aglarond region.
  4. Each player may only have one House Nelath Player Character.

Quick Links Edit

  • History - How the House came to be.
  • Organization - How the House is structured, and its politics.
  • Culture - How to behave so you don't get exiled.

Positions Edit

House Nelath has a number of positions held by PCs:

  • House Matron: Greyanna
  • High Priestess: Dhjika
  • House Wizard: Ranor
  • Weaponsmaster: Shyntt'riss
  • Captain of the Guard: Corwyn
  • Prime Assassin: Szordrin'yl

Random Edit

  • Suggested look-and-feel for House location.
  • House Nelath has no lizard mounts, and no official "beastmaster" position.

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