Lliira (pronounced: /ˈlɪərɑːLEER-ah[4]), known as Our Lady of Joy, was a good lesser deity and later exarch of Sune responsible for the sphere of joy.[4][6]


Lliira symbol

Holy symbol of Lliira.

Priests and priestesses of Lliira, called "Joydancers",[6] were the apple of her eye. They were entrusted with leadership and tasked as planners of festivals.[citation needed]

Followers of Lliira were called Lliirans and wore brightly colored outfits, and adorned themselves with rubies and sapphires. These stones were sacred to Lliira and any seen wearing them were blessed by passing clergy. They were known for always having a smile on their lips; it was unheard of to see one with a frown.[7]

The Lady of Joy abhorred violence at celebrations, and would withhold her blessing from any celebration marred by it. The only weapons drawn at a festival must be ceremonial and never lead to bloodshed.[7]


Scarlet Mummers
The Mummers were formed to avenge the murder of Lliira's High Revelmistress in Selgaunt. Their duties included protecting Lliiran temples and battling with Loviatans. Their battle prowess caused their fellows in the church to both fear and respect them.[8]


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