Llimark was a gold dragon and a member of the Talons of Justice during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[2]


In 1373 DR, the gold dragon king Lareth sent Llimark to detain the song dragon bard Karasendrieth for her rebellious actions in defiance of the dragon conclave's decision on how to deal with the Rage of Dragons. On the streets of Lyrabar, Llimark intercepted Kara but after a vicious fight she battled and subdued Llimark, despite sustaining heavy injuries.[3]

Llimark also saved Azhaq's life when Lareth was about to kill him for being unable to capture Kara.[4]

In the final battle against Sammaster, Llimark became a member of the Talons and along his fellows were sent to attack Sammaster's citadel.[5] He was one of the few Talons who survived the battle.[1]




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