Llombaerth Starym, sometimes known as the Masked, was a male elf wizard and the Lord Speaker of the Starym House of Cormanthyr.


Llombaerth was one of the most prominent members of Starym House and was fierily against the Opening promised by the Coronal Eltargrim. He soon started to conspire to stop the project.

At the same time, Llombaerth tutored the human Elminster Aumar and the half-elf Nacacia in the ways of elven High Magic, in order to use them as his instruments.

In 261 DR, he finally found the hiding place of Mythanthar, the architect of the indispensable mythal. In a complex plot, he used his apprentices and even some drow to kill the mage.

When Llombaerth later appeared before the coronal and framed Elminster for the assassination, he was exposed by the Srinshee and the still-alive Mythanthar. Llombaerth summoned his forces and started a battle, intending to kill the coronal and all his allies but in the end was killed.


He derived his nickname from his constant use of the magical Mask of Andrathath.[1]


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