Llurth Dreier was a drow city located about 10 miles under Shaar and to the west of the Great Rift. It wasn't clear what but its denizens did something to offend Lolth in ways that caused her to completely forsake it[3].


After Lolth left, Eilistraee's, Kiaransalee's and Vhaeraun's faiths tried to fill the demand for divine help but they couldn't compete with Ghaunadaur's. This development further accelerated when an avatar of the slime deity appeared[3] and led to the others to be driven out.[4]

The City and GovernmentEdit

The city's condition could be most easily described as a giant squalor. Nominally the drow Houses ruled but they did a poor job at it. For example, the city had no real law enforcement and citizens who weren't able to pay tribute were forced to look out for themselves. The ruling Houses frequently fought with each other,[1] unlike in other drow city they didn't fight over political power[5] but over goods to sacrifice to Ghaunadaur, slaves or even necessities like food.[1] To add more, the Houses weren't even the real power holders. Aboleth psions and clerics of Ghaunadaur were the real rulers of the city. They used their considerable psionic powers to enforce their will and this for such a long time and intensity that it had the unforeseen effect on the drow to gain psionic powers themselves. It was suspected that this will result in some kind of resistance[2] but the city was destroyed before they managed to do anything meaningful.[6]


Despite its size, Llurth Dreier was in such a bad shape that any reasonably organised force could have taken it. There were three reasons why this didn't happen:

  • 1. It was a known fact that the avatar of Ghaunadaur was somewhere in the surrounding area of the city. Risking to fight the monstrosity wasn't a risk any army wanted to take.
  • 2. Llurth Dreier was so remote from other settlements that launching an army wasn't considered realistic.
  • 3. The city was so poor and in such bad condition that it was suspected to be not worth taking at all.[1]


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