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Llurth Dreier is a drow city located fifteen kilometers under Shaar west of the Great Rift. Lolth has forsaken this place and the dominant deity is Ghaunadaur. Vhaeraun, Kiaransalee, and even Eilistraee are worshipped here as well.

Unlike its other drow city counterparts, Lurth Dreier does not follow the ways of Lolth; instead they follow Ghaunadaur. Because of this, there is no open warfare allowed in the city, allowing its population to swell above and beyond that of other drow cities in Faerûn. This, along with the sheer power of the aboleth savants that reside in the city, makes it one of the most powerful places in the Underdark, even rivaling Thay in terms of power.[citation needed]


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