Loaradden Deviir was a sinister Magister who held the title for two years from 319 DR to 321 DR before his actions finally earned the wrath of Mystra.[1]


Loaradden was cold and calculating, caring for nothing but the pursuit of magical power.[1]


After helping Iolaeden Stonehallow vanquish her foes for several years, Loaradden turned to his own goals that revolved around raiding temples and slaying any practitioner of the Art in search of arcane might.[1]

Mystra initially tried to thwart Loaradden by erecting walls of force before him whenever he approached a temple. While blocked from entering the temples, he turned his attentions to attacking any mage he could find regardless of their skill level in the Art. Outraged by this affront, Mystra took Loaradden's magic while he was plowing his way through a group of guards en route to the vault of Onsilur Maerdrathom in Sheirtalar. Loradden's magic abandoned him during the use of a flight spell, causing him to tumble into the courtyard below where Onsilur easily blasted his broken body.[1]



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