The Locktower was a fortified keep in the center of Voonlar that served as an observation post, a jail, an armory, a stable, and a barracks for the local law enforcement.[1][2][3]


Voonlar was a trading town and farming community located in the southwest corner of the Moonsea region of north Faerûn.[4][5] The Locktower sat in the center of town on the west side of the North Ride where it intersected with Runstal's Ride.[1][2]


Despite its name, the Locktower was not really a tower but a low stone keep built with very poor construction techniques. It was strictly functional—not a copper piece was spent on making it look aesthetically pleasing. Parts of the building were in need of repair.[1][2]


The Locktower contained sleeping quarters for the half-dozen deputies and a separate bedroom for the Bron (sheriff). There were a dozen stalls for horses on the ground floor, part of which was directly above the jail. The drain in the stable floor dripped directly into some of the cells below. There were a total of six cells, each intended to hold up to three people.[1][2]

There was secure storage in the Locktower for the Bron, the deputies, and the entire militia. The armory contained at least twenty crossbows, fifty pikes, and seventy unique orange helmets for the militia, and suits of plate armor for the Bron and the deputies in case of need.[1][2][6]


The local militia periodically mustered at the Locktower for training and practice with crossbows and pikes. The jail cells were often full of prisoners that ran afoul of Bron Bourstag in one way or another.[1][2]


As of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the Bron was Buorstag Hlammythyl and his six deputies were Andrus Kriivor, Barimus Whitehand, Caldor Fuldren, Holman Frostfeather, Jalarkh Ohngate, and Marsara Storntil.[1][2]


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