Londal Fen was a male Chondathan human fighter in Wheloon in Cormyr in 1374 DR.[1]


In 1374 DR, Londal and his partner, Smile, were employed by Lady Arthas of the Temple of Mystra. If adventurers investigating the strange behavior of the clerics of Mystra there attacked the temple, then she would pay the pair 830 gp to ambush them. Londal and Smile would lure the adventurers into an ambush among the waterfront warehouses at 23 Impil Street, or otherwise keep tabs on them to ambush and murder them out of sight.[1]


Londal was a large man. Before battle, he painted his skin and armor entirely gray, leaving the whites of his eyes to stand out.[1]


Londal wielded a +1 greatsword, wore full plate armor, and carried three potions of bull's strength.[1]


Londal was a specialist in the greatsword, and a powerful, brutal fighter with it.[1]


He was a fanatical follower of Shar, willing to fight to the death.[1]



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