The Lonely Tower was a tower located somewhere in the Moonlands near the eastern border of the Moonwood forest in the Silver Marches.[1]


This mysterious tower, made of white stone, had an incredibly light and frail structure compared to where it stood. Without a doubt, the surroundings of the tower were quite unusual. The surrounding area was perfectly circular, strewn with volcanic rock and dotted with deep cracks, which differed considerably from the nearby hills, as if the tower had been built elsewhere and then moved to this place, along with all its environment for about one kilometer.[1]


The wizard Ssessibil Istahvar lived in this place. He was not a native of Faerûn, and spent much of his time away from the tower, in areas that required his attention in other planes of existence far away. During his last absence from the tower, which lasted about thirty years, Arbane the wizard was able to overcome the defenses of the Lonely Tower, and after stealing Ssessibil's treasure, he proclaimed himself master of the tower. This lasted until a company of adventurers defeated him in combat, allowing the return of the previous owner. Ssessibil, while having very few interests in the Silver Marches, protected his dwelling with the help of fearsome elemental guardians and destructive traps. For him, the Lonely Tower was a secret refuge, a fortress of solitude, where enemies and rivals from his home plane would never have the opportunity to locate.[1]



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