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Longsaddle interactive atlas
A street map of Longsaddle.
Geographical information
Type Settlement
Size Hamlet
Area Savage Frontier,
Northwest Faerûn
Societal information
Races Humans
Population 130 (1,100 in area)[1] in 1358 DR
130[2] in 1366 DR
Exports Beef, mutton
Political information
Government Council of elders
Ruler Ardanac Harpell[3] in [[1358 - 1370 DR]]

Inhabitants of Longsaddle
Locations in Longsaddle
Organizations in Longsaddle

Longsaddle was a hamlet on the Long Road in the Savage Frontier of Faerûn.[1]


Situated east of the Crags and west of the Evermoors, Longsaddle surrounded the magical home of the Harpell family.[4]


Founded in 1042 DR by Shardra Harpell, an escaped Calishite slave.[5]

In 1376 DR, two separate sects of the Malarite faith wanted to set up churches by the waterfront of a magically-created lake. The two churches immediately began fighting each other and the Harpells had to step in. Unfortunately, they couldn't get rid of them so instead they imposed a severe punishment on the more dangerous individuals: transmuting them permanently into harmless rabbits.[6]

By 1479 DR, the forest around Longsaddle was inhabited by werewolf descendants of Bidderdoo Harpell. These werewolves were called "the Bidderdoos" and although the townsfolk feared them, they provided some measure of protection for the town.[7]


The community was famous for the presence of peculiar wizards who were eccentric and often dangerous in their spell-casting manners.[8] The Blue Sigil mercenary company is located in nearby Mog's Keep.[citation needed]

From 1479 DR until the end of 1482 DR, the reincarnated Catti-brie, under the name of Delly Curtie, dwelt at the Ivy Mansion in Longsaddle, learning magic from the Harpells. [9]

Families of LongsaddleEdit

In 1368 DR, the hamlet consisted of around 1,000 or so people from the surrounding countryside.[2]

  • The Beliver family
  • The Dostril family
  • The Feldryn family
  • The Gosstal family
  • The Harpell family, living in the Ivy Mansion
  • The Irimari family
  • The Ostever family
  • The Silverhand-Arunsun-Maerdrym family (Silverhand Tower, west of Longsaddle)
  • The Stormrider family


  • The Cadrasz family
  • The Emmert family
  • The Kromlor family
  • The Mammlar family
  • The Sharnshield family
  • The Suldivver family
  • The Zelorrgosz family

Notable PlacesEdit

Taverns and innsEdit





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