Lopango, also known as the Land of Fire, was a land on the southern end of Maztica. It was covered in forest or jungle and high mountains. Some maps depicted archers with longbows there.

Places in Lopango included Pichu Umu, Apu Roca, and Mt. Cuzcalac.[1]


Lopango was once part of Merrouroboros, the ancient super-continent that eventually broke up into Faerûn, Kara-Tur, Maztica, and Zakhara. Lopango was known for its active volcanoes around the time of the height of the Batrachi empire, circa –31,500 DR in the Days of Thunder.[2]



Lopango is a land that has only been mentioned on maps of Maztica in the Maztica Campaign Set. Almost nothing is known about it, but based on its place names, fans have speculated that it is similar to the Inca culture of South America.


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