The Lord Sage of Phlan was a sage in Phlan in 1489 DR.


The Lord was a taciturn and reserved individual. He was slow to show his emotions but despised troubles in his library.


The Lord Sage was the caretaker of Mantor's Library in Phlan.[1] In his free time he studied Denlor's Tower[2]


In 1489 DR, two newly hired scribes, Spernik and Tibeem, were discovered stealing books from the Lord's private chambers. Tibeem killed one of the summoned Knights of the Black Fist and was captured, but Spernik escaped. So the Lord Sage hired an adventuring party to find the thief and the stolen books.[1] After the coup of Vorgansharax in conjuration with Harpers he sent adventurers to explore the Yarash's pyramid.[2]

Later Vorgansharax trapped the Lord Sage inside his library in Phlan but he knew too much.[3] Thank to an adventuring party hired by the resistance he managed to escape Phlan.[4]




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