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Lorelei Gravesower was a female half-elf cleric of Kelemvor who tended the Kelemvor's Garden cemetery in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR.[1]


Lorelei became caretaker of the graveyard in the 1360s DR, renaming it from the "Thunderstone Cemetery".[1] [note 1]


Living out of a small house on the grounds of the cemetery, Lorelei's task was to provide counselling and advice to the grieving and conduct maintenance on the cemetery.[1]


A scurrilous rumor told that a woman dwelling in a hut beside the cemetery (perhaps Lorelei herself) would sell her favors to a man for a night, but this was a lie.[2]



  1. This was likely in 1368 DR after Kelemvor's ascension as god of death.


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