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The loremaster is a prestige class. Spellcasters who have a love for uncovering lost knowledge and gathering huge amounts of eclectic information choose to become loremasters in order to enhance their ability to use this knowledge to its maximum effect. As a loremaster becomes experienced in gathering and using the knowledge he has obtained, he gains the ability to speak additional languages, remember tiny tidbits of helpful information, and enhance his own abilities.

Abilities Edit

A loremaster learns information that he can apply to himself. The result is an improvement in the body's capabilities, additional skill in magic, or a new talent that he can use to his own benefit.
Bonus Languages
A loremaster learns multiple additional languages, using them to gain more access to knowledge.
A loremaster can use his knowledge to recall stories and histories. Later on, the loremaster can cast spells to aide in uncovering information about magical items and artifacts.

References Edit

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