Lorne Starling was a fighter and an agent of Black Garius during the Shadow War and the older brother of Bevil Starling.


Lorne was the older brother of Bevil Starling and son of Retta Starling. He was once the undisputed champion of the West Harbor Harvest Brawl for three years and a good friend of Cormick. However, Cormick also wanted to become the Harvest champion. Knowing he had no chance of winning if he took on Lorne head-on, Cormick instead waited and bided his time until Lorne let his guard down and then, with a flurry of blows, knocked Lorne out. After the defeat, Lorne felt that Cormick had cheated him and became more reclusive.

After Cormick left the village to enter the Neverwinter City Watch, Lorne also went to the city, joining the Greycloaks army, seeing this as his opportunity to shine. But the war against Luskan left Lorne greatly embittered for the many friends dead and the jealously of his captain.

Afterward, Lorne disappeared, and he became a member of the Circle of Blades, a secret Luskan assassination squad. He was recruited by the ambassador Torio Claven and later worked directly under Black Garius. Under Garius' orders, Lorne served as his agent to Logram Eyegouger of the orcs at Old Owl Well, after Garius had Lorne massacre the village of Ember while disguised as the Kalach-Cha in order to frame them.

The Kalach-Cha discovered the truth and invoked a trial by combat; obviously, Luskan's champion was Lorne. After being defeated, Lorne died (either killed by the Kalach-Cha or by Garius for failing) and was dismissed by the Luskan authorities as a rogue element.[1]



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