Lorragauth, the Chained Wyrm, was a gargantuan black dragon who lived in Neverwinter Wood centuries prior to 1479 DR.

He lived a long life as a dragon, amassing a great hoard. However, when Lorragauth sensed the coming of the end of his days, he tried to destroy all the lands in his domain in malice and spite. Unfortunately for him, in his path of destruction, he spotted the amethyst dragon Eldenser. Lorragauth charged at the younger Eldenser, who veered away and almost tore off one of Lorragauth's wings. Lorragauth crashed into the Neverwinter Wood and died.

Many centuries later, circa 1480 DR, Valindra Shadowmantle planned to raise Lorragauth as a dracolich in order to conquer the city of Neverwinter.[1]




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