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Lu-che, also known as Sensei Lu-che, was a sohei participant at the Komite in Shou Lung.[1]


Lu-che, training under Master Taembak Duahl in Shou Tu'lung, earned a 6th-degree black belt in the Four Keys style of kung fu.

Lu-che acted as the commander of the sohei detachment at the Temple of True Enlightenment in Suijeng. As was the custom of the temple, Lu-che and his men taught martial arts to local people for a modest fee. From this practice, Lu-che became known across the province as Sensei Lu-che.


In 1358 DR, Lu-che went to participate at the Komite, which was held on the grounds of his temple. He had many advantages by fighting in a familiar place and knowing well the tournament's rules, but many would expect his victory, putting Lu-che under tremendous pressure. Lu-che managed to finish among the tournament's finalists.[1]



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