Lui-hsia Chin was a wu jen leader of the Many-Hued Peacock Society in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[2]


He led the sixteen members of the Many-Hued Peacock Society in Nakamaru. Lui-hsia Chin was gathering forces in Nakamaru, awaiting the day when the society could operate in the light. The Society revived, fostered, and promoted old alliances with the ruling families of the province. Lui-hsia disguised the Society's meetings as a literary club studying the classics of Shou Lung. He had made contact with the Black Mist yakuza gang.[2]


Lui-hsia Chin was one of the founders of the Many-Hued Peacock Society in 857 DR and remained as one of the members of the Inner Council of the Society. In 900 DR, he first fought against Gorath, the hidden leader of Shou Lung's Royal Vagabonds. From that time, Lui-hsia had destroyed many of Gorath's plots, some against the Society by the emperor's command but others more sinister.[2]

At the celebration of the birth of Goshukara Sadamoto's third son, Lui-hsia Chih sensed something strange coming from the merchant Yin-kung T'o (in truth, Gorath in disguise). Afterward, he sent Nan-kuo and Yench'eng Tzu Yu to read the aura of Yin-kung T'o but they noticing nothing untoward. That night, Yin-kung and Gorath led an attack on the Many-Hued Peacock Society's headquarters in Nakamaru. Liu-hsia and Gorath fought and disappeared in a huge blast.[3]


Lui-hsia Chin was a formidable plotter and schemer with extraordinary patience and capacity for trickery. He hated his adversary and rival Gorath.[1]



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