Luskag was a desert dwarf chieftain in Maztica.[1]


In 1361 DR, Luskag saved the life of Poshtli in the House of Tezca and accompanied him to Sunhome. Along the way, he explained the ancient history of his people to Poshtli. Poshtli spent time in Sunhome learning the ways of Luskag's tribe. After being granted a vision by the Sunstone, Poshtli departed Luskag and his tribe.[1]

After the Night of Wailing he and his fellow Tatak were checking a new water source when they were attacked by a Viperhands ogre. Tatak died but inside Luskag rose the ancient hatred against goblinoids and he killed the ogre.[2] Later he convoked a meeting of all desert dwarves chieftain to discuss the matter of the goblinoid armies from Nexal.[3] They together decided to went to the Sunstone to gain a vision and the answer was to be ready for war.[4] Later they lead an expedition to check Tewacha.[5] There Luskag and his fellow saved at the last moment the party of Halloran from the monsters and decided to join them.[6]




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