A lute was a stringed instrument with a neck and a wooden soundboard, which was often ovoid or shaped as a teardrop. Lutes were often used by bards of the Realms.[1][3]


Lutes typically had a round back, so they rested easily on the player's stomach. Doubled strings could be used to emit a fuller sound, and these were easily tuned by pegs.[2]


They were popular instruments for minstrels playing in royal courts and were known to be played as far north as Sundabar.[2]


Several types of doubled-string lutes built by craftsmen in Calimshan were available for purchase through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[2]

Halambar Lutes & Harps in Waterdeep was a well-known musical instrument shop that sold lutes. Kriios Halambar's lutes produced a distinctive mellow sound recognized all along the Sword Coast.[4]

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Doss lute
One of the seven Instruments of the Bards. Superior magical lutes, capable of channeling spells when played.[5]


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