Luth Alur, meaning "superior shooting", was a fighting style taught among drow and was shooting enemies with ranged weapons.[1]


As the name "superior shooting" suggested, the idea behind this fighting style was to shoot down the enemy in an ambush, before they had the chance to strike back. It made justice to the fact that drow were elves, in other words frail people.[1]

Mastering this style was as good as a guarantee for steady employment in every drow society. At least two users were employed in the majority of drow combat groups and when real war occurred, entire squadrons consisting of them were formed.[1]

Users often worked with users of the kyone veldrin style, who fought while being shrouded in darkness while those enemies who went out of the darkness were shot down by the luth alur style users.[1]


As the name suggested, would-be users needed to learn to shoot with a ranged weapon. They learned how to shoot enemies in a more effective manner.[1]

Some drow adapted this style with bows and added the ability to rapidly fire many arrows against their enemies. This was a rarity, for the drow generally used the hand crossbow more often.[1] Furthermore, in the often cramped spaces of the Underdark, a crossbow was more likely to be of use than a bow.[2]



The style was based on the Point Blank Shot feat chain in 3.0-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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