Luthcheq was the capital city of Chessenta. Formerly a port city located on the Bay of Chessenta, as of 1479 DR the city was miles from what remained of the bay. Because it was only a few miles from the River Adder, Luthcheq maintained its status as a maritime city.[3]


Like most of Chessenta, Luthcheq had a martial culture that valued physical fitness and the military arts. Prior to Tchazzar's return in 1479 DR, mages were persecuted and forced to live in their own ghetto. At the urging of his adviser Jhesrhi Coldcreek, Tchazzar enacted laws protecting magic users.[4]


A gigantic sphere of annihilation known as Entropy was worshiped as a god in Luthcheq.[5]

Notable BuildingsEdit

War College
This citadel and palace sat atop a high bluff overlooking the city.
Temple of Tchazzar
Still under construction as of 1479 DR, this massive structure was sure to dwarf all other houses of worship in the city.[4]


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