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Lyra Sunrose (also known as Little Miss Lemon) was a female half-elf ranger who lived in the forest of Cormanthor.[3]



She was born and raised by her mother in the village of Alyssim, after her human father was sentenced to a decade of hard labour for procreating with an elf (frowned upon in Alyssim). Lyra did not consider herself accepted in Alyssim and this, combined with her annoyance at the villagers for her perceived mistreatment, caused her to leave for a life in the forest, choosing animal companionship over her own kind. Although it is not certain at what age Lyra began her solitary life, she says it was "as soon as I was old enough to lace my own boots".[3]

Lyra chose to worship what her mother referred to as the "Sacred Hexad" of Rillifane Rallathil, Chauntea, Silvanus, Mielikki, Eldath and Aerdrie Faenya as this was the same choice as her mother, despite being against Alyssim's customary single-deity worship of Rillifane Rallathil.[2]


Lyra met Ruke Diggot, a human explorer, in the forest, and the couple married a few months later, producing eleven children, all of whom lived in Cormanthor until Ruke's death. For about a decade after this, she spent her time collecting information on the ecology of the forest.[2]



Misha was Lyra's female wolf companion. Although it is not known when the creature was born or died, or how long she accompanied Lyra, she was still a cub in 1323 DR.[2]


Lyra met Elminster around 1327 DR, (to whom she referred affectionately as "El") when he was bathing naked in the Elvenflow and the two became acquainted. Elminster took to calling her "Little Miss Lemon" in recognition of her sour character.[3]


At Elminster's request, Lyra used her accumulated knowledge of the forest to write the "Cormanthor" book, which forms part of the Elminster's Ecologies boxed set (the book is written in character).[3]


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